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Sgt. Bubbles

Our car was generously donated by the family of Erna Hoyland, née Breit who was a displaced child during WWII in Germany, came to America as the spouse of a US soldier and was the beloved and proud grandmother of a US Marine. She is missed, but will be remembered and celebrated each time we drive Sgt. Bubbles.
All our love and thanks to Erna and her family.

As the theme for this car, we chose to style it after the wonderfully wacky vehicles in the irreverent punk inspired post-apocalyptic world of the “Tank Girl” comics created by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett. Because we like them!

To give our car a family friendly and fun flair, we decided to choose bubbles over bullets and have outfitted Sgt. Bubbles with an assortment of functioning bubble blowing artillery items as well as non-functioning static props. And glitter.
So Much Glitter.


Check back in here or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more progress photos and updates on in person appearances. And who knows… maybe we’ll decide to expand our fleet with another car in the future!

Dog Tag Fundraiser

Dog Tags carry a lot of significance to many members of the Armed Forces and are something we all have in common regardless of era, branch, military specialty, or time served. The emotional attachment we often have to them is deep and meaningful. For this reason, we chose commemorative dog tags as a fundraiser for Sgt. Bubbles. For $20 we will hand-stamp and hang a dog tag for you, your loved one, or the phrase of your choice.

Click the button below to order yours today and thank you for your support!

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