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Operation: GameChanger

In the military, we cannot complete our mission without a solid supply line. Having the right tool for the right job is integral to success. When arts programs in our schools find themselves faced with a lack of funding their mission becomes compromised as they struggle to provide the basic tools needed for their classrooms.
Artists in Arms is initiating Operation: GameChanger to serve the artists of tomorrow by providing the supplies they need today.


Phase I of Operation: GameChanger will be the distribution of our Supply Crates. We will be filling and delivering crates filled with necessary supplies to school arts programs in need. This will allow teachers to focus on sharing the love of creating with students without worrying about how they will fund the next lesson.
Our Veteran volunteers have the opportunity to build and pack the crates, deliver the supplies, and occasionally teach workshops. Sharing our love of the arts and serving our communities is vital to our well-being.
Each reusable crate contains $300 worth of specific supplies chosen by the receiving classroom. Teachers will be given the option of keeping their supply crate for storage purposes, or emptying and returning it to Artists in Arms for future use.


Special Deals

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