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Our Current Programs


We attend, host, and partner with multiple high traffic events throughout the year in order to bring visibility to our Veteran arts community, and to grow our outreach.

Forward Operating Galleries

Our Forward Operating Galleries, or F.O.G.s are temporary displays of the work of our Veteran community. They further our mission by allowing us to reach Veterans who live in other areas and show the work of our members to new communities.

HTX ArtCar Division

We are building a fleet of ArtCars owned by, designed by, or in honor of our Veteran community starting with our pace car, Sgt. Bubbles.

Mandatory Fun-Shops

Our Mandatory Fun-Shops are workshops we hold to teach something creative just for fun. Silliness and laughter are encouraged at these events!

Monthly Meetups

Our monthly meetups are social events where we get together to hang out, talk about what we're working on, and network with other artists and creators. We choose a different venue each month and love supporting places owned by or employing our fellow Vets.

Operation: GameChanger

Operation: GameChanger is our Second Service program. Through the support of our members and sponsors, we are providing much needed art supplies and tools to underfunded school arts programs in our community. Through this program, our Veterans have the opportunity to inspire tomorrows artists.

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