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What We Do

In short, Artists in Arms is building a community and creating opportunities for creative Veterans. In long, when many Veterans transition back into civilian communities, we often have trouble creating the deep connections and friendships we had in the military. For many of us, that loss of camaraderie is the toughest challenge we face because it is the hardest to recapture. For Veterans who pursue artistic careers, hobbies, and trades, that difficulty can be redoubled due to biases around who can be an artist and who Veterans are. Through a series of programs, we are creating a social network for Veterans within the artistic and creative community. We welcome all eras of Veterans and all forms of artistic expression. We are open to collaborations with other Veteran and artistic communities and welcome family members and those who may not have served, but have military connections to our events. As a Veteran led organization, we are always seeking ways to support and serve our siblings in arms. Check out some of our programs below or contact us with your ideas and suggestions.


Events & Appearances

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Mandatory Fun Workshops


Forward Operating Galleries


Socials & Events


HTX ArtCar Division

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Operation: GameChanger


Flexing our creativity with our first Artists Showcase Project: Sgt. Bubbles


Serving our community with Operation: Game Changer
Find out more about this upcoming service project.


Staying connected to our siblings in arms and building camaraderie with events and outings.

Artists in Arms

Meet some of the Greater Houston Area's Veteran and Military connected artists at one of our performances or gallery shows.

Thank you to our Sponsors and Community Partners

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